Building for Builders

When your program is ticking away and your staff cant leave the last project we can help. We can take the pressure of the start of your project by consolidating early trade lettings into the one package.

This concept is aimed at reducing the pressure on Contract Admin/Project Management staff in the early stages of a project, quite often before they are even in the site office.

Tier one and two Builders use this option to get things running on site whilst allowing time to shop around for the best deals on the main trades – why sign up excavation, reo supply, steel-fix, formwork, concrete supply and place for one pump out drainage pit? Let one package and allow time for Contract Administrators to do there job and subcontract the main trades with the best prices all without hurting your program.

Our experienced crew can also set up sites for you while you wait for your supervisor to finish the defects on his last project, we have several site management staff with as much experience on major projects as your own boys, so let us look after it for you.